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I've been developing enterprise software solutions for  over 20 years now.   Much of this knowledge and experience comes from being involved in several start-up software businesses; some successful, some not - but that's where you learn.

I specialize in providing solutions that will help you to meet your business goals.  I'll provide high quality and uncompromised dedication, along with implementing the latest software technology.

I hope you'll see this by reviewing at my background where you'll find I can help you with your software needs.

In Summary

Successfully developed, marketed, and sold an information system to evaluate Civil War information.

Successfully developed, marketed, and sold QBridge!, a simple bridge product between auto collision estimating systems and QuickBooks.

Successfully built an enterprise management system for the auto collision industry which was sold to an industry leader.  It's still being used and supported today. 

Currently involved in several on-going software start-ups developing cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Creating software solutions in several different industries, such as, marketing, heavy truck service, Internet of Things in agriculture, robo-dialing services, and more.

Development Stacks

My favorite development stack is offered by Microsoft, more specifically, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Azure, Cordova, etc.

I prefer to develop web solutions utilizing ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, hosted on Azure (the best cloud platform available).

I also work with the PHP/Laravel development stack.  It too is an MVC framework and is quite elegant.  The Laravel folks  have done a nice job with simplifying web solution development.

I will also entertain projects that are outside of these frameworks, but it'll have to be both challenging and interesting. 

When not creating awesome, heavy-hitting, and mobile-friendly web solutions.


Enterprise-level auto collision management solutions.

attachedapps CRM

Cloud-based CRM for small to medium sized businesses.

MediaBiz 365

A cloud-based means for buying and selling digital media spots.

Web-based Solutions

Call center for a state-wide, non-profit organization to management of large amounts of data from IoT.

Jingle Enterprises

Your web solution holds the power to make or break your business.  Don’t compromise when choosing a web developer.  I'll ensure your projects are professionally designed, developed and tested within your budget and on time.

By leveraging the power of the Microsoft Technology Stack along with a professional that knows and understands this wonderful technology, you'll reap this benefit in your business.

Along with the technical know-how, you'll also benefit from my over 20 years of developing enterprise-level business software solutions.  I'll ensure the delivery of high quality and affordable solutions effective in maximizing the power of your business.